Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise

Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise

MCMICKING, THOS     of Queesnton

Thomas McMicking

of Queenston

Jane Maitland Roberston was born 1855 at Liverpool, England and died January 17, 1934 at Edinburgh, Scotland.  She was the daughter of  Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise  (1823-1890)

and  Helen Mary Macfarlane   (1824-1883).  On April 5, 1877 at London, England she married first William Henry Bolton (1847-1896).  In 1908 in Edinburgh, Scotland she married second

Ernest Francis Robertson (1867-1943).  There is no record of children.





Records of R G McMicking Collection

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Ref: GeneaNet.Org;    Ancestry.Com (Rootsweb World Connect Project);   CanadianHeadstones.Com (GenDexNetwork)

Ref. Descendants of  Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise & Helen Macfarlane


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Jane Maitland (Bolton) Robertson  (nee McMicking)

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