Genealogy of the McMicking Family

John James Mourbray was born March 28, 1857 at Alloa, Clackmannan, Scotland and died unknown.  He was the son of Robert Moubray and Catherine Beveridge Wilson  (1835-1904).

He married May Marianne Booth.




1  Maj. Robert Moubray,  b. 1895

2  John Moubray II,  b. 1898

3  William Arthur Moubray,  b. 1902, Perthshire, England

4  Marianne Catherine Moubray

5  Ellen Moubray

6  Alice Janet Moubray

7  Margaret Moubray





Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of D N Franklin, Research files

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Ref. Descendants of Thomas McMicking of Miltonise & Jane Morin

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John James Moubray