Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise

Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise

MCMICKING, THOS     of Queesnton

Thomas McMicking

of Queenston

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William McMicking was born May 21,1727,Miltonise,New Luce,Scotland and died 1818, Glenluce, Scotland.  He was the son of Thomas McMicking (III) (1710-1756) and Jeanet McMieken  (1698-1733).  In 1745 in New Luce, Scotland he married Eleanor (Helen) Montague (1723,England - ?).


William owned large amounts of property in New Luce, Colmonell, Wigton and Glenluce, amongst others.  It is believed that even though he had four children of his own and living at Colmonel when his father died, he took in his younger brother (Peter).  William was heir to Miltonise, but did not reside there.



1  John McMicking (McMiken)    (1745 - 1841)

2  Janet McMickin (McMiken)    (1746-

3  William McMiken   (1749-

4  James McMickin  (1755-1799,Pennsylvania,USA)   - married Elizabeth Bristow




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Ref: Descendants of Thomas McMicking III & Jennet McMieken

Document: Family Record of William McMicking, by John McMeekin


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William McMicking

aka William McMiken of Colmonell