Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise

Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise

MCMICKING, THOS     of Queesnton

Thomas McMicking

of Queenston

WilliamB McMicking was born January 21, 1881 at Elora, Ontario, Canada and died 1933 at St Paul, Minnesota, USA.  He is the son of William Peterson McMicking  (1834-1912) and

Mary Ann McDermid  (1839-1902).  in 1906 in Elora, East Flamborough Co., ON., Canada he married Florence Blay (1886-1973).



1 Evelyn McMicking (MacMicking)  (b.1908,Elora)

2 Marjorie McMicking (MacMicking)  (b.1909,Elora)

  - married George Ray Huntington




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William B McMicking  (aka MacMicking)

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