Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise

Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise

MCMICKING, THOS     of Queesnton

Thomas McMicking

of Queenston

Thomas Andrew McMicking was born November 1, 1857 at Stamford Township, Welland Co., Canada West and died February 18,1925 at Hammonton, New Jersey, USA.  He was the son of  James W McMicking  (1811-1891) and Mary Thompson  (1828-1919).  On June 1, 1886 in Hamilton, ON., Canada he married Esther Cornell (1867 -1941).




1 Gertrude Christy McMicking (1889-1978)

2 Percie Blair McMicking  (1890-1958)

3 Herbert Elmore McMicking  (1892-1965)

4 Elizabeth Isabella Sara McMicking (1893-1990)

5 Nellie M McMicking  (b.1896 at Philadelphia)

6 Barbara Jane McMicking  (b.1897 at Philadelphia)

7 Jennie (Jessie) B McMicking  (b.1898 at Philadelphia)

8 James Laurence McMicking (1899 - 1926,NJ)

9 Charlotte Marguerite McMicking (b.1904,Hammonton,NJ)

10 Norma Hester McMicking  (b.1906-d.1906,New Jersey)

11 Bertha Claire McMicking  (b.1908,New Jersey -d.1917

Adopted -  Eleanor Barbara Pierce  (b.1917-d.1978)  




Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of Sylvia Wallen, Research files

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Ref: Family & Descendants of James W McMicking & Mary Thompson  

Document: 1871 Canada Census

Document: 1910 US Census

Document Image: Gravesite Monument (Thomas & Esther and their children: James, Elizabeth, Norma & Bertha)


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Thomas Andrew McMicking

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