Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Edgar Andrew McMicking was born 1894 at Australia and died in 1972 at Australia.  He was the son of Gilbert Torrance MacMicking  (1857-1935) and Emmaline Elizabeth Nicholson  (1856-1897).  In 1921 in Australia he married Jean McGeorge Campbell.




1  Lyndell Esme McMicking - married Geoff Skehan

2  Dawn Adie (Abye) McMicking - married Jack Dummet

3  Valerie Marguerite McMicking - maried Colin Smith

4  Alan Torrance McMicking

5  Quintus Arthur McMicking - married Margaret Golding

6  Elvie Edithe McMicking - married Ray Jensen

7  Lawrence Edgar McMicking  

8  Berris Jean McMicking - married Role Carr

9  Rosanne Merrien McMicking - married Jim Freeman





Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of Penny Turnbull (Emails to Reg McMicking)

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Ref.  Descendants of Robert McMicking



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Edgar Andrew McMicking