Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Alexander McMicking was born January 1, 1744 at New Luce, Wigtonshire, Scotland and died 1821 at Wigtown, Wigtonshire, Scotland.  He was the son of Thomas McMicking (III) (1710-1756) and Janet Mulwain  (1712-1784).  On October 31, 1771 in Stonykirk, Scotland he married Margaret Elizabeth Morrison  (1742-1813).



1  Elizabeth T McMickin   (1774-1821)  

2  Janet Morrison McMickin  (1776- -d.?,Paris,France)  - married Elian Fausid

3  Gilbert Alexander McMicking (Jul 13,1777-?)

4  William Henry A McMicking  (1781 -1851)

5  Andrew McMicking  (1783-1808)  - married Mary McKinna

6  Thomas Morrison McMicking  (1788 -?)




Records of R G McMicking Collection

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Reocrds of Lary McMicking  (Email to Reg McMicking)

Ref: GeneaNet.Org;   Ancestry.Com (Rootsweb World Connect Project);  CanadianHeadstones.Com (GenDexNetwork)

Ref. Descendants of Thomas McMicking III & Janet Mulwain


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Alexander McMicking

aka McMickin