Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Rusid Mahun  (aka Rusid MacMahun)

born circa 1135-1140 at Garvan, Carrickshire, Scotland

died circa 1200 at Aryshire, Scotland


Father:    Fiachahd (MacMahun)  (b.circa 1075)   DESCENDANCY OF MAHUN



Gen 1:  Gildroth MacMahun (1160-1223)

Gen 2:  Angus MacMahun  (1188-1234)

Gen 3:  Uchtred MacMahun  (1210-1245)

Gen 4:  Gilbert MacMahun I  (1240-1287)

Gen 5:  Gilbert MacMahun II  (1270-1365)  

Gen 6:  Auchtred MacMahun (1300-1350) - married Mary Finlay

Gen 7:  Gilbert MacMahun III  (1328-1390)

Gen 8:  Gilbert MacMahun IV of Killantringan (1340-1400) - married Agnes Macdonald

Gen 9:  John MacMichan of Killantringan (1360-1442)

Gen 10:  John MacMichan II (1384-1439)

Gen 11:  John MacMichan III  (1415-1498)

Gen 12:  Gilbert MacMichan I  (1443-1522)

Gen 13:  John MacMichan IV  (1465-1537)

Gen 14:  Gilbert MacMichan II  (1492-1544)

Gen 15:  Gilbert MacMichan III - Gilbert of Killantringan  (1514-1560) - married Isabel Hamilton




Records of T A McMicking, Family Files

Records of Stephen McCulloough, Research Files

Records of A T Hill, Research files of Alaistar McMicking  (Email to Reg McMicking)  

Records of I MacMicking  (Email to Reg McMicking)

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Ref: Kirk Bailey's Home Page - McMicking of Killantringan & Miltonise

Document: Genealogy of McMicking of Clan Miadhachain

Document: Files of Richard Meighen

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Updated 17-OCT-2015


Rusid Mahun