Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Nicholas Bache Barlow Davie-Thornhill was born September 3, 1936 in England.  He is the son of  Humphrey Bache Christopher Davie-Thornhill   (1905-?) and Anna Elizabeth Barlow  (1905-1976).  On March 6, 1965 he married Diana Mary Barber.  They divorced in 1991.  On January 31, 1998 he married Mary Henrietta Feilden.



Children with Diana Mary Barber:


1  John Philip Bache Davie-Thornhill, b. 27 Jan 1966

2  Adrian George Barber Davie-Thornhill, b. 12 Jun 1968




Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of S McCullough, Research files

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Nicholas Bache Barlow Davie-Thornhill