Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise

Gilbert McMicking of Miltonise

MCMICKING, THOS     of Queesnton

Thomas McMicking

of Queenston

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Anglela Maria Cioffi was born October 25, 1908 at Cervinara, Campania, Avellino, Italy and died April 2, 1954 at Cervinara, Campania, Avellino, Italy.  She was the daughter of

Raffaile Casale.  In Italy she married Antonio Cioffi  (1904-1988).



1  Anna Cioffi - married Alesandro (Alex) Palma

2  Rita Cioffi - married Mario Palma

3  Pasquale Cioffi - married Filimena

4  Vincenza Cioffi - married Corado "Sonny" Scala

5  Mondato Cioffi - married Giuseppina "Josie"

6  Giuseppe "Joe" Cioffi - married Mary

7  Pasqualina "Lina" Cioffi - married Bruno Pelaia

8  Rosa Cioffi - married Reg McMicking




Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of Rosa McMicking, family files

Records of D Gesualdi (Cioffi/Palma Genealogy)

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Angela Maria Cioffi  (nee Casale)

Angela Casale Cioffi


date unknown

credit:D Gesualdi


Angela Maria Casale

"I remember the day you died

and the dark room where you lied.

I remember puting your hand in mine

and on your face seeing sunshine.

I remember the grief, sadness and trauma

and always, I remember my Mama