Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Peter Bastedo was born February 20, 1794 at Stamford Twp., Lincoln Co., Upper Canada and died December 14, 1834 at Waterdown, Halton Co., Upper Canada.  He was the son of

David Tice Bastedo   (1769-1854) and Elizabeth McMicking   (1776-1840).  On June 27, 1820 in Princeton, Oxford Co., Upper Canada he married Margaret Harnden Galbraith (1801-1882).



1  John McMicking Bastedo (1822-1826)

2  David Tice Bastedo II, (1823-~1890)

3  John Galbraith Bastedo, (1824-~May 8,1900)

4  Joseph Rogers Bastedo, (1827-1891)

5  Thomas Beveridge Goodfellow Bastedo, (1830-1909)

6  Mary Lindsay Galbraith Bastedo, (Nov.3,1831-Jan.29,1915)

7  Peter Campbell Bastedo  (1833-1920)

8  Margaret Bastedo,  (1834-1834).





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Capt. Peter Bastedo