Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Sarah Baskerville (nee Johnson) was born December 24, 1834 at Brampton, Peel County, Upper Canada and died December 4, 1911 at Brampton, Peel County, Ontario, Canada.  She was the daughter of William Johnston, UEL  (1791-1784) and Sara McMicking  (1797-1873).  On June 7, 1862 in Brampton, Peel Co., Canada West she married Hardy Baskerville (1825, Ireland-May 20, 1900, Brampton).



1  Emma Baskerville  (1865,Brampton - d.Sept 21,1870,Brampton)

2  Jane "Jennie" Haggert Baskerville  (1869-1947)

3  Harriet Emma Baskerville (1871-1904)

4  Eleanor Spellman Baskerville  (b.Aug 31,1873,Brampton)

5  Jessie Georgina Baskerville (b.Mar 7,1876,Brampton)





Records of R G McMicking Collection

Records of Sylvia Wallen, Research files

Records of Margaret Hutton Styles  (Email to Mark Heatherington)

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Ref. Descendants of Thomas McMicking IV & Isabella Gass

Document: Historical Home of Hardy and Sarah Baskerville

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Dated 15-MARCH-2015


Sarah Baskerville  (nee Johnson)

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