Genealogy of the McMicking Family

Anna Marie Heywood Barlow (nee Denman) was born September 28, 1873 at London, England and died May 28, 1965.  She was the daughter of Richard Denman  (1842-1883) and Helen Mary McMicking  (1852-1919).  She married Sir John Emmott Barlow, 1st Baronet Barlow  (1857-1932).




1  Anna Elizabeth Barlow  (b.Sept 20,1905)  

2  Nancy Mary Emmott Barlow  (b.May 14,1896 - d.Mar 29,1957)

3  Thomas Bradwall Barlow  (b.Mar 7,1900)

4  Sir John Denman Barlow  (b.June 15,1908 - d.1986)




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Anna Marie Heywood Barlow  (nee Denman)

Lady Barlow  


Anna Marie Barlow

Lady Barlow


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